Anime Los Angeles 2014

First con of the new year, and also my first time at Anime Los Angeles. The hotel it took place at is pretty nice, and there were plenty of places to take pictures of all the cosplayers there.  I also had the chance to do a couple photoshoots with a few of them. Between the pool area, the lobby, the outdoor terrace, and a few side areas, there was a good variety of backgrounds which was really nice.

The batteries in my flash died partway through, but fortunately I’d brought spares. Unfortunately, the battery for my remote trigger also died, and I didn’t have a spare one of those. Lesson learned: Carry spares for everything!

Overall I had a lot of fun, I really like the smaller cons. It got a bit crowded at times, but never got overwhelming.

I’ve already pre-registered for next year, and I think I may just have to get a room next time. Would sure save on the driving and be much more convenient when carrying my gear around.

Also, I’ve finally gotten around to creating a Facebook page:

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Camera: Canon 6D with 24-105mm f/4L IS