Drew & Karl Groupshoot in Corona, Part 2

My third groupshoot this weekend, held the same house as last time. A few more new models this time around, including Anna and Ashlin. Krisana and Kristin from last month were there too. It was another cloudless day with the sun shining down, making everything really bright and hot.

This time I’d bought a light setup (from Paul C. Buff) the week before, so I was able to use it for several indoor shooting sessions. When outdoors, I still used my 580EX II if needed. I also used a 70-200mm lens, to see how much of a difference it would make. And while it certainly was convenient to use outdoors, it turned out to be a bit tricky to use indoors. The long focal length made it a challenge to take full-body portraits sometimes, especially in locations without a lot of room to move around.

And as it turns out, I really like taking pictures of people’s portraits up-close, especially of their eyes. They’re so varied and I love the textures.

Camera: Canon 6D with 70-200mm f/2.8L IS II. Light: Einstein E640 with 22″ white beauty dish.