Saboten Con 2013

This Labor Day weekend, I took a trip down to Arizona to check out Saboten Con 2013. One thing I did not expect was just how hot it was going to be, I couldn’t step outside without feeling I was about to melt instantly! It definitely made me even more impressed with all the cosplayers who were able to walk around in costume in that kind of heat though.

The Con itself was a lot of fun, smaller in scale than AX, but still with a ton of people dressed up. A nice variety too, from movies and games to anime and lolita fashion. The hotel venue was pretty nice too, many locations had plenty of windows to let the sunlight in, so lighting wasn’t too much of an issue for hallway shots. I did end up using my 580EX II at first, but eventually decided to work with higher ISO settings instead. I think I may eventually have to get a flash bracket so I can direct the light better when I need to.

I also got to meet voice actors Laura Bailey (Saint’s Row games and Jaina from WoW) and Travis Willingham!

A few of the cosplayers I came across:

Lots more hallway shots in my Flickr set.

Camera: Canon 6D with 24-105mm f/4L IS