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VidCon 2013 Concert

Although I didn’t get tickets to VidCon itself, I still headed down the the Anaheim Convention Center to check out their free concert last Thursday. I was mainly there to see Lindsey Stirling, but I got to see some other great performers too!

The full list: Tyler WardMegan NicoleMax SchneiderTiffany Alvord, Roshon Fegan, Andrew GarciaJake CocoAli BrustofskiJosh MilanGardiner SistersCorey Gray, Chachi and World of Dance Live!

I’d come a few hours early, though I was still a ways back from the main stage. This did give me a chance to use my 70-200 lens though, and I was able to get some pretty decent shots. And listen to great music at the same time!

Update Sept 3rd: Lindsey Stirling posted one of the photos I took to her facebook, twitter, and instagram! 😀

Camera: Canon 6D with 70-200mm f/2.8L IS II

Lindsey Stirling at House of Blues Anaheim

Went to my second Lindsey Stirling concert last night, this one at the House of Blues in Anaheim, right next to Disneyland. I thought I’d gotten there pretty early but there were already people in line! They were cool people to hang out with though, and we all got spots right in front of the stage.

Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to bring my camera into the venue. They searched my bag and I had to check-in and have them hold my camera during the concert. Which means I had to make do with the camera on my cellphone. I got some okay pictures, since I was right up at stage, but it really made me wish I’d been able to use my Canon. Still, it was an amazing concert, incredible performance and even better than last time.

Camera: Samsung Galaxy Nexus phone

Lindsey Stirling at The Roxy

Went to my first concert last night, up at The Roxy to see Lindsey Stirling on her first tour. Wasn’t sure if they’d allow cameras, but I brought mine just in case. Even used my 50mm so it wouldn’t stand out too much. Turns out I didn’t need to worry, I saw plenty of other people there with even bigger cameras and telephoto lenses.

But I ended up sitting at a table towards the back, so even though I had a mostly unobstructed view, it wasn’t as close as I’d hoped (especially with a 50). Still, even at that distance I was able to grab some nice shots, although there was a lot of cropping involved later. The 1.4 aperture worked really well in capturing the lighting without getting too much blur.

And the concert itself was incredible, Lindsey Stirling is even more amazing live. I’m definitely looking forward to her next tour.

Camera: Canon 6D with 50mm f/1.4